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Frames Of Fear Frames Of Fear (2016)
The midnight hour has arrived. Turn on your TV, lock your windows, bolt your doors, hold your crucifix close and most importantly, say your prayers... for its time for FRAMES OF FEAR, where our...


Cat Sick Blues Cat Sick Blues (2013)
In a last ditch effort to revive their decaying relationship, a couple spend the weekend at the beach, only to encounter a stray man in a cat mask. They soon realize their relationship isn't the...


Cool As Hell 2: The Quest For God's Bong Cool As Hell 2: The Quest For God's Bong (2017)
Rich, Benny, BooGar, and Az the demon are back in "Cool As Hell 2: The Quest for God's Bong!"


Hayride Slaughter II Hayride Slaughter II (2003)
Jim O'Rear returns as Clifford James, hellbent on revenge and ready to claim the power that was denied him. Using a wealth of magical skills picked up in the Hell-dimension he was banished to,...


Heart Of Fartness Heart Of Fartness (2017)
The Toxic Avenger has a major midlife crisis and must travel to a mythical land called the "Heart of Fartness," deep in the Panamanian jungle, in order to regain his place as the first...


Zombie Rampage 2 Zombie Rampage 2 (2018)
Two warring factions live side by side during the Zombie Rampage apocalypse in this classic good versus evil roller-coaster ride of epicness.


Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi File 01: Operation Capture The Slit-Mouthed Woman Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi File 01: Operation Capture The Slit-Mouthed Woman (2012)
Director, Kudo and his assistant Ichikawa investigate a video showing a strange woman on the street, wearing a mask and a long coat. The young woman would be the legend of Kuchisake Onna, the woman...


Abnormal Activity IIII Abnormal Activity IIII (2012)
Will the threat of abnormal activity sideswipe the joy of Jared and Laura's newly inherited home, or will whatever previously lived there take it back by force?


World War XXX World War XXX (2014)
A horrible plague breaks out. Corinna is on the run from the zombies and a pair of strong hands carry her off to safety. The hands belong to Johnny Sins. Later, Peta sees a chance to have hot sex...


Night Of The Giving Head Night Of The Giving Head (2008)
Due to holes in the ozone layer, a new radiation called "sperma rays" causes sperm to mutate and women who come in contact with it orally become raging sperm whores while the men pass out. If the...


Intercourse With The Vampire 2 Intercourse With The Vampire 2 (1994)
Reality bites! The second coming... Rocco Siffredi returns as the ageless, lust-driven vampire Drax. Surrounded by a bevy of beautiful willing victims, he seeks out and seduces the stunning...


Dead Summer Dead Summer (2005)
A small Pennsylvania town has been quarantined from the rest of the world due to an unknown disease that's causing the dead to be re-animated. It's no mystery that these re-animated dead are...


Ravage The Scream Queen Ravage The Scream Queen (2009)


Slaughter Claus Slaughter Claus (2011)
You better watch out... because Slaughter Claus and his bipolar elf are coming to your town and they're up to no good. It's a whole new kind of Santa, but this Santa doesn't have an appetite for...


Bloody Mary Bloody Mary (2021)
A group of friends retreat to a spa get away in the mountains as a school reunion. Once there, they play a mysterious game of Bloody Mary. Now, they must figure out a way to survive the night...


The Texas Comedy Massacre The Texas Comedy Massacre (1987)
A madcap anthology of 60's and 70's television, featuring parodies of Star Trek, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, Wild Kingdom, and more.


Night Of The Living Whores Night Of The Living Whores (2006)
The cheerful holiday of a young couple is upset by an unexpected meeting and the gift of an old medallion. Such mysterious jewel seems to have an evil influence on the fascinating girl turning into...


Official Halloween Parody Official Halloween Parody (2011)
Exactly fifteen years after he killed his slutty older sister on Halloween, Michael Myers breaks out of the psychiatric hospital he was placed in, and heads back to his hometown of Haddonfield,...


Creeps Creeps (2013)
In this fun homage to classic SOV gore slashers from the 80s, a group of teenagers set out into the woods looking for the body of a missing person who everyone suspects has been murdered by a...


Night Of The Witch Night Of The Witch (2019)
It's 1989 and there's a horrid legend. A tale of Maddy Martha the evil witch who comes out on Hallows Eve to kill those who party and sin. Throwing caution and lore against the wind, a group of...


Women's Blood Bath Wrestling Women's Blood Bath Wrestling (2007)
Wrestling meets Horror in the first ever Blood Wrestling DVD event. Unscripted, unrehearsed and unpredictable. This no holds barred event stars some of the hottest indie actresses in horror today...


American Sasquatch American Sasquatch (2020)
A group of paranormal investigators in the UK come face to face with the American legend Bigfoot and must fight for their lives while trying to capture proof of the creature's existence.


Camp Blood Kills Camp Blood Kills (2019)
All the kills! All the clowns! All the blood! No other film series boasts the amount of thrills, chills, and spills as Camp Blood. Now, for your viewing pleasure comes the ultimate gross-out...


Prey For The Dying Prey For The Dying (2014)
Six people are invited by the spirits of a haunted house to participate in a gamble for their lives in exchange of one million dollars! These young and horny fools don't have a clue what gore is in...


Wet Dream On Elm Street Wet Dream On Elm Street (1988)
A witch casts a spell over a man which gives him the power to cause people to engage in random sex.


The G-String Horror: Demon Cut The G-String Horror: Demon Cut (2015)
When a production company starts shooting a horror film in a 100 year old... and actually haunted... Sid Grauman built movie palace turned strip club in San Francisco, the 'inhabitants' revolt and...


Boogers Of The Antichrist Boogers Of The Antichrist (2020)
The Antichrist left this world, but there might remain parts of his incarnation. If so, the unholy relics will bestow power upon whomever discovers them.


Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets (2021)
The diseased Dinosaur battles to the death with the Murder Hornets during a zombie outbreak that is hit by several "firenados" containing flaming spiders.


The Vacant House The Vacant House (2008)
John and Kathy Burns have purchased the house of their dreams, but are puzzled by its low price. They move into their new home on Halloween, and are surprised by a group of friends, who throw them...


I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween (2018)
A romantic birthday plan goes terribly wrong after a tragic accident one Halloween. A year later, strange things start happening, and people start dying. Murder. Mystery. Intrigue. Jizz.


Horror Odyssey Horror Odyssey (2019)
An axe-wielding maniac shreds party-goers, but this is just the first five minutes. The only two people who survive decide to run as far away as possible, but their journey is a cosmic one in which...


Bigfoot Ate My Boyfriend Bigfoot Ate My Boyfriend (2016)
Something big, black and hairy is attacking campers deep in the mid-west forests... and it's hungry! The locals write it off as legend, but legend becomes lethal as Bigfoot tears through the...


Satan Claus Satan Claus (2008)
Judy Valine has always believed in Santa Claus and the Christmas Spirit. What starts out as an easy task of catching Santa becomes Judy's worse nightmare come to life. What will happen to the jolly...


Don't Drink The Milk Don't Drink The Milk (2019)
A serial offender sneaks into apartments to drug the beverages in the refrigerator, but he gets a taste of his own medicine. Tables are turned, and so are stomachs in this bizarre tale of revenge.


Plaga Zombie: American Invasion Plaga Zombie: American Invasion (2021)
In 1997 an Alien race attempted an invasion in a small city of Argentina by fertilizing the human population turning them into blood thirsty zombies. The plan almost worked until 3 unlikely heroes...


House Monster House Monster (2020)
A struggling actress named Jen self-quarantines at home to weather a global pandemic. Something joins her. Whatever it is, it's hungry. And as the days wear on, it gets bolder - and more talkative....


To Haunt You To Haunt You (2011)


Do Unto Others Do Unto Others (2016)


Bloody Scum Bloody Scum (2015)
Something sinister is hunting the fine folks of a rural Texas town. With the backdrop of sick and twisted B-movies playing on television, an evil doctor and his inbred clan are fixin' to kidnap...


Godforsaken Godforsaken (2019)
Every year on the night of Halloween, demons are set upon the earth to collect more souls. Dina, a woman in a spiritual crisis, is the only one who can stop earth's descent into hell.


Monster Cops: The Midnight Special Monster Cops: The Midnight Special (2006)


Dead Stop Dead Stop (2011)
Dead Stop is a quick four minute flick by the Lost Childe Productions about what we'll call the dangers of being a public servant. The film is shot as a "found footage" type of movie made with...


Bonesaw Bonesaw (2006)
Bobby Williams enters the twisted mind of award-winning director Jett Blakk in Bonesaw. Bobby wakes up, clad only in underwear, and realizes that he's at the mercy of a psychopath. Forced to submit...


The Cask Of Amontillado The Cask Of Amontillado (2011)
Montressor embarks on a mission of vengeance against an adversary, Fortunato, who crosses the line with an insult. Montressor lures him deep into his family catacombs with promises a very hard to...


Vampires Of Sorority Row Part II Vampires Of Sorority Row Part II (2000)
Just when it looks like the entire campus will be taken over by a gang of sexy vampires, the slayer Cindy returns. Posing as a sorority leader, she hazes a house full of beautiful pledges while...


Attack Of The Killer Turds Attack Of The Killer Turds (2010)
Sure, a quick stop at the local fast food restaurant may seem harmless enough, but a mysterious contamination of the burger meat makes digesting that meaty goodness into a messy nightmare.


Frames Of Fear 3 Frames Of Fear 3 (2020)
More gore and sickness-stentched tales from the hardest edges of the horror underground - where it's still not safe to use your VCR! Features grue-soaked segments by fan favorite directors Brad...


Caesar And Otto In The House Of Dracula Caesar And Otto In The House Of Dracula (2009)
Following directly on from the events at the end of Caesar And Otto's Summer Camp Massacre, this short sees our misfit brothers meet the lesser known brother of Vlad Dracula... Steve.


Terrors From The Clit 2 Terrors From The Clit 2 (2002)
See Brandy behead her husband. Witness Kristi and Kiki get sucked and fucked up the ass by vampires. Get shocked as Felony gets gang banged by the satanic mechanics. Watch Candy get eaten by...


Children Of Dracula Children Of Dracula (1994)
This documentary takes a weird, bizarre look at people who claim to be real vampires. Learn their daily routines, what they eat, where they sleep and how they feast on real human blood.


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