Slaughter Party (2005)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 29%
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Porn legends Adam Glasser and Ron Jeremy co-star with Felissa Rose in this gutbusting horror comedy about a crazed killer midget! --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: February 16, 2006
Troma... you just gotta love them. If you've never heard of this fine, upstanding company, you may want to continue onwards to another review and save yourself some time; this movie definitely won't be one for you. If a big budget, realistic effects, tolerable acting, or even a sensible plot are high on your priority list when it comes to a good night in front of the television, then you'll definitely want to skip over this one as well.

So then, you're still reading this review? Well, don't say that you weren't warned; I just finished watching this film, and even I barely know what the hell happens in it aside from the general gist of things. It all begins when two guys and their midget friend (Mighty Mike Murga) decide to go check out a desert cave that is, as they say, either haunted or inhabited by an escaped mental patient. It doesn't take long before they find the cave, and it also doesn't take long before that aforementioned mental patient (Ford Austin) finds them. The doctor, as this lunatic calls himself, murders the two normal guys and then goes on to anally rape the midget. This causes the midget to go on a murderous rampage (which can be understood, I suppose), killing any hot ladies that he stumbles across.

Meanwhile, the surviving sister (Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp fame) of one of these murders is in a state of heavy depression. Her female friends decide that she needs to be cheered up, so the group of five or six ladies decides to go out to the middle of nowhere, strip down to their bikini's, have some fun with marijuana and alcohol, and discuss the size of their boyfriends' dicks. It doesn't work, and things only get worse when both the midget and the doctor show up to ruin the party. Porn director Seymore Butts, former professional wrestler Ric "The Equalizer" Drasin, porn star Ron Jeremy, Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, and scream-queen Brinke Stevens all make small cameos in this madness of a film.

Troma... you just gotta love them. Yes, I've said that once already in this review, but it's the truth. Nowhere else will you find movies that are so incompetently directed and filled with plot-holes large enough to drive a semi through, and yet, with all of these faults, the majority of their movies still manage to entertain. The Toxic Avenger, the movie that put Troma on the map, is a perfect example of this; while it's about as far from a polished award-winner as you'll ever get, it's still a damned entertaining movie. Sadly, Slaughter Party does not even come close to being a great release from Troma.

The problem here is that the movie really doesn't know what it wants to be. There's a few jokes strewn about and Ford Austin absolutely slays in his role, but it's far from being a comedy. One would think that having a midget in the lead role would make for countless jokes and humorous scenes, but that is far from the case. His stature is never mentioned or utilized in the film with the exception of one outburst from Lloyd Kaufman (in a scene which was obviously inserted after Troma picked this movie up). The movie could have been shot with a "normal" person in this role without changing a single line of dialogue or altering a single scene. I'm not saying that we should laugh at midgets, but damn it, they are funny... and when having a midget in the lead role is the selling point of your film and the character is severely underutilized, well, that's a problem.

There's also a fair amount of victims added to the body count as the film rolls along, but again, this movie is far from being a horror. It seems as though the director was shooting for a horror-comedy, but missed out on all of the things that makes the better films from that subgenre work out so nicely. One of the other problems here is the continuity aspect of things; the movie offers no explanations for anything that happens and ends with a "That's it?" scene. In one of the extras on the DVD, Felissa Rose explains that one of the lead actresses bowed out of the film midway through shooting, so the script had to be rewritten at the last moment. That's understandable, but surely, they could have come up with something better than this.

I knew what to expect from Troma before popping this movie into my DVD player, and that's the problem: even with my low expectations of crude jokes, ample bloodshed, gratuitous nudity and not much else, I was let down. If the movie had went with a strictly horror or strictly comedy approach, things would have been so much better. If that actress hadn't dropped out without finishing the movie, things may have worked out nicer. Neither of these happened though, so while this movie is mildly entertaining as a no-brainer time-killer, I can't recommend that you actively pursue this one. 4/10.
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