Hideout In The Sun (1960)

DVD Cover (Retro-Seduction Cinema)
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Two brothers rob a bank and take a young girl hostage. They find out that the girl is a nudist, so they force her to take them to a nudist colony so they can hide out. --IMDb
Greg Conrad
Greg Conrad
Dolores Carlos
Dolores Carlos
Earl Bauer
Earl Bauer
Carol Little
Carol Little
Ann Richards
Ann Richards
Review by Chad
Added: November 16, 2007
Back in the fifties and sixties, nudist films were becoming more and more popular thanks to the strict obscenity laws of our country clashing with what the red-blooded males wanted: skin flicks. You see, there was actual porn floating around, but it was hard to get and - nine times out of ten - was short, cheaply produced, and impossible to find unless you ventured over to the seedy side of the city. However, the nudist films got around that: thanks to nudism being a "lifestyle", films which showed people running around in their birthday suits were able to skirt around the obscenity laws and get decent theatrical runs in the local grindhouses by claiming that the people portrayed were nudists instead of actors and actresses. Hideout in the Sun is one such film, and it's also the debut film from the late mistress of exploitation, Doris Wishman.

Our storyline for this one centers around Steven (Earl Bauer) and Duke Martin (Greg Conrad), two brothers who have robbed a bank and are on the run from the law. They eventually have to switch cars to ditch the police, and this leads them to stealing a fancy little convertible and kidnapping the young lady who was driving it. Dorothy (Dolores Carlos) just so happens to be the driver, and she soon takes them to an "exclusive country club" that she works for so that they can hide out... and if the title, DVD cover, and the opening paragraph didn't give it away, this country club doubles as a nudist camp. Mixed in with the gratuitous nudity is a little bit of a love story, as we discover that Steven is falling in love with his captive ladyfriend, much to the chagrin of his chauvinist older brother who sees all dames as nothing but trouble.

By all accounts, Doris Wishman was not a great director; she had no experience in the movie business (outside of the distribution end of things) when she directed this film, and in fact, she had to reshoot the entire thing due to the first version of the film being downright horrible. However, she would go on to direct thirty films in total, and although none of them would rank up there with the classics, they do have a certain charm to them. Hideout in the Sun is no different, as even though it's not a great film by any stretch, it is an entertaining one... and I'm not simply referring to the massive amount of nudity, either.

The film mixes together titillation, a love story, crime, and yes, even a little bit of comedy (some intentional, some not). This means that, yes, there is an actual story here, and it's not all about showing off as much T&A as possible, and while it's all pretty standard stuff, I have to admit that it kept me entertained. Perhaps it was because of the bizarre setting, maybe it was because of the extreme overacting by the leads, or maybe, just maybe, it was due to the older brother sounding like the bastard offspring of Popeye and a Dick Tracy villain. Then we have the ending, a scene in which... well, I won't spoil it, but that "snake" older brother gets what he deserves in a fairly humorous scene.

Overall, Hideout in the Sun is an exploitation film disguised as a legit release. The disguise is good and some viewers may even be fooled by it in certain parts of the film, but underneath all of that is a grindhouse treat. The nudity, while shocking and controversial at the time of its release, is absolutely tame by today's standards, but there's still some good looking ladies to be found (especially the leading lady). Fans of vintage exploitation fare will enjoy it, and of course, fans of Doris Wishman will have a blast seeing her long-lost debut in the world of filmmaking. 7/10.
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