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Visitor Q (2001)

DVD Cover (Tokyo Shock)
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Black Comedy, Comedy Drama, Domestic Comedy
Takashi Miike Takashi Miike
Ken'ichi End˘ Ken'ichi End˘
Shungiku Uchida Shungiku Uchida
Kazushi Watanabe Kazushi Watanabe
Jun Mut˘ Jun Mut˘
Fujiko Fujiko

6.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

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A father, who is a failed former television reporter, tries to mount a documentary about violence and sex among youths. He proceeds to have sex with his daughter who is now a prostitute, and films his son being humiliated and hit by classmates. "Q", a perfect stranger, somehow gets involved and enters the bizarre family whose son beats his mom, who in turn is also a prostitute and a heroin addict. --TMDb
Review by Chad
Added: July 23, 2004
We start out the film with Kiyoshi Yamazaki having sex with his prostitute daughter, Miki. This goes on for a while, until he cums prematurely and is teased mercilessly over it by his own daughter. He leaves her and heads for home, but on the way, he is attacked by Visitor (didn't catch his name). Kiyoshi decides to bring Visitor home with him to his family for some odd reason, and Visitor becomes exposed to how this dysfunctional family works. He watches, without a trace of emotion, as Takuya (Kiyoshi's son) beats his mother Keiko with a metal stick and leaves huge cuts and welts all over her body. He then sees Takuya getting bullied by some local neighborhood kids, and again, watches without any sort of emotion and without any kind of help. Kiyoshi decides to make a reality television show out of his life, and starts recording everything that goes on in his household... and things just get worse as his recordings continue.

This was definitely one of the odder films that I've seen lately, but it works out quite nicely and is definitely entertaining. The director, Takashi Miike, was going for a reality TV look and feel in this movie, which made things very interesting to watch. In some scenes, we see things through a hand-held camcorder operated by one of the characters in the film, other scenes get a low-quality looking camera, and still others are shown through a normal view. The storyline, in my view, is a satire of the current trend of reality television and how things have to keep getting more and more shocking in order to keep people interested. Sure, doing (insert something here) for the first time on television may be disgusting at first, and in turn it would garner an audience, but things have to get more extreme in order to keep that audience watching or they'll get bored and find something else to watch. This was my interpretation of the movie, and unless I was dead-wrong in my views, it was played out exactly as Miike intended it to. Now, this concept would work out great enough as is, but when you throw in a very skilled set of actors to convincingly play this story out, things just can't get much better.

When the description of this movie called it a "taboo-breaking" film, I wasn't expecting much. Movies get that sort of label all the time, and since I've viewed my fair share of "shocking" films, I wasn't expecting anything worse than what I've already viewed. That's pretty ironic, as that's sort of what Miike was trying to express in his film, and it applies to myself as well. Anyway, was I in for a surprise with this one. When they said "taboo-breaking", they sure weren't kidding. We get to view incest for the first fifteen minutes of the movie, we see a kid who looks to be between the ages of twelve and fourteen beat his mother to a pulp, necrophilia pops into the plot later on, more incest, breast-milk covering an entire kitchen... things just get more and more bizarre as the movie progresses, and as such, is definitely not recommended for the squeamish. Surprisingly though, with the exception of the mother being beaten, there's very little bloodshed in this film. Not that that hurt the viewing experience or anything, but coming from the same man who made Ichi The Killer, I was expecting a bit more in that regard.

Overall, definitely worth the viewing if you're looking for something unique and don't have a weak stomach. While some may be turned off by the slow pacing and hand-held camera shots found in parts of the film, there's a very nice storyline and some excellent visuals to be found here. 9/10 from me.
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Ginose #1: Ginose - added 09/07/2005, 03:21 PM
This movie sodomized my mind...Though it was a bit funny... I'll leave it at that.
Cryptorchild #2: Cryptorchild - added 01/26/2007, 04:57 PM
This movie is fucking crazy! But in a good way. So sick yet so...entertaining.
danimigra #3: danimigra - added 03/15/2008, 07:01 PM
Great movie... crazy as hell.... watch it please.... 9/10
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