Back Woods (2001)

DVD Cover (Dead Alive Productions)
Genres: Horror, Horror Comedy, Slasher Film
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Grant Woodhill Grant Woodhill
David C. Hayes David C. Hayes
Anna Shmieka Anna Shmieka
Jim Edberg Jim Edberg
Patrick Hazen Patrick Hazen
Yuj Wang Yuj Wang

3.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: August 19, 2004
We start the movie up with a brief history of the Back Woods, which tells us of a person born without any sexual organs and known as a Mangina. When its parents gave birth to it, they didn't want anything to do with it... so they dropped it off in these woods, where it was raised by animals and rednecks. Somehow, it grew quite powerful as a result, and when it eventually died, it placed a curse on the forest. Cut-scene on over to two rednecks by the names of Deke and Louanne fucking in these same woods. After Deke busts inside of Louanne, she immediately knows she's pregnant, so Deke runs off and joins the army. Thirty years later, Louanne is still pregnant with Deke's child, and finally gives birth to a fully-grown obese man which she names Luther. Right after he comes out, he's a genius and has plans for world domination... but as Louanne is attempting to pick him up, she bumps his head on a pipe, rendering him retarded. Fast-forward a bit, and Louanne has to go to the store to pick up some things, and on her way, she's hit by a van-full of college kids who are planning to go camping in these woods. Mangina, the spirit of the forest, tells Luther what happened and also tells him to go kill these kids. Luther goes and drags his mothers body back to their little spot in the woods, puts on her dress, and sets out to kill anyone he comes across... including the five kids responsible, who just so happen to be setting up camp a bit away from his spot.

If the description didn't give it away, this is much more of a comedy than a horror film. There's plenty of killings to be had, but for the most part, we're treated to some great comedy from beginning to end. The bizarre style of comedy used here is what really makes the film so interesting. There's the Mangina spirit (a man wearing a demon mask, completely nude with his dick wedged between his legs, and dancing while communicating to Luther), which is just so odd that you can't help but laugh. There's another scene where two of the campers are about to get it on, she takes off her shirt, and... cut-scene over to the male actor (also the film editor) in a studio breaking in with a story about how these scenes had to be removed due to him getting a bit carried away with the scene, and the actress pressed charges and had the tapes seized.

This film was made for a grand total of nine-hundred dollars, so of course, the effects and filming aren't exactly something of the quality that Hollywood would put out. The film seemed to be shot on a medium-budget hand-held camera, and things got quite shaky at times. The effects used when somebody would die were also pretty bad, clearly showing that a dummy or a stuffed trash bag was being used in the scene. Things such as that didn't bother me, as it was pretty easy to overlook in the grand scheme of things. The very basic storyline was kept moving throughout, there was plenty of hilarious scenes to be found, and while the cast obviously weren't professionals, they did a good enough job and seemed to be having quite the large amount of fun while making the movie.

Overall, the film was quite enjoyable, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for some bizarre comedy and wouldn't be put off by a low-budgeted film. Yes, the filming style is amateurish; indeed, the effects suck, and you'd be correct if you said the acting wasn't exactly top-quality. But in the end, I was kept entertained for an hour and some-odd minutes with plenty of great laughs and some unique visuals, which is all that really matters in the end. If you do decide to check this out, don't be so quick to stop your DVD player when the credits start to roll, as there's more junk hidden in there. 8/10 would be the final tally.
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