Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

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To cash in on all of the "real world" hype of the events in the first film, a man from Burkitsville, Maryland opens a "Blair Witch Hunt" tour, which shows patrons various locations from the original film. A bunch of college students decide to take the tour, and wind up in Rustin Parr's house. There, they decide to camp for the evening, but in the morning, they realize they didn't sleep and they don't remember anything that happened the previous night. From there, they go back to town, and discover that something...or someone has come with them. --IMDb
Kurt Loder
Kurt Loder
Chuck Scarborough
Chuck Scarborough
Bruce D. Reed
Bruce D. Reed
Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffrey Donovan
Joe Berlinger
Joe Berlinger
Review by Chad
Added: March 24, 2004
After the release of The Blair Witch Project, a witch hunting group goes out into the woods for some cheap thrills. We have the book-writing parents-to-be couple, a wiccan witch lady, a psychic gothic lady, and a fresh-out-of-the-asylum tour guide. They go into the woods and have a booze-fest, and eventually, they all pass out. Upon awakening, they discover that all the cameras are trashed, the manuscript the couple were working on has been ripped to shreds, and each person has strange markings on them... and nobody can remember what happened for those five hours they were out for. Some tapes of the nights happenings are found, which explains what happened, piece by piece. As they're going over the tapes, strange things start to happen...

Decent movie, but a horrid sequel. If they had replaced all of the references to the Blair Witch with references to something / someone else, it would have had zero connection to the original movie. The original was great in the sense that it was shot so amateurishly, and the effects were minimal; so it had more of an impact when something did happen. Nope, in this one, it's a typical Hollywood'ized project, with everything spelled out to the audience. Throughout the movie, clips of the killings and police interviews are shown in between scenes. This was a decent idea, but ruined in the way they did it. In my opinion, it gave away the ending much too early, instead of saving it for... I dunno, the end of the movie.

The storyline was decent enough, but again, not really connected to the first. If you enjoyed the first movie in this series, you may not like this one; if you hated the first, you may like this one. There were a few scenes that were pretty stupid, and some of the happenings were too unrealistic, but it was straight enough for the most part. The acting was one thing that really killed this for me, however. With the exception of the asylum guy (who wasn't marvelous himself, but did alright), everybody sucked, simply enough. Kim Director (the gothic girl) was hotter than hell, but as far as acting, she shouldn't even be in shampoo commercials; she's that bad. So many lines from the various cast members are way too forced and uninvolved sounding; as though they were just reading the lines of the script aloud. Maybe if some decent actors had been in here, things would have been a bit better, but alas.

Overall, if you can get past the acting flaws and watch this as a movie on it's own with no ties to the original, you may slightly enjoy it. 4/10.
Big D #1: Big D - added 08/04/2004, 03:11 AM
Now THAT'S good. Part 2 is WAY better than part 1. Plus, MMMDI is right; Kim Director WAS hotter than hell.
compoundwhore #2: compoundwhore - added 08/18/2004, 05:13 AM
I'm the only person I know that likes this movie. I think it was good.
QuietMan #3: QuietMan - added 07/13/2005, 12:59 AM
jesus I saw this on HBO and I wanted my 8 bucks back
ScarsRstarS #4: ScarsRstarS - added 01/10/2006, 07:59 AM
Didnt like this much but prefered it then the first one
Ginose #5: Ginose - added 10/19/2006, 11:28 PM
I fuckin hated this trippy-little would-be mind-fuck... but it did kick the shit outta the 1st one... 2/10
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