Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker! (2001)

DVD Cover (Tempe Entertainment)
Genres / Traits: Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy, Horror, Horror Comedy, Zombie Film, Halloween
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Chris Seaver Chris Seaver
Missy Donatuti Missy Donatuti
Chris Seaver Chris Seaver
Mike Nicolai Mike Nicolai
Joe Anime Joe Anime
Calley Thidemann Calley Thidemann

3.5 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: August 11, 2004
Mulva, a chocolate-addicted geek-girl, decides to overcome her fear of Halloween (which was brought on by a traumatic experience years ago) and her and her friend Cassie decide to go out trick-or-treating this year. Mulva dresses up as Econ (Ghostbusters), and Cassie goes as a London whore, complete with bloody genitals. Mulva's neighbor Mr. Bonejack, a Cosby-addicted Don King-ripoff, warns her that death is approaching and that they should be careful, but alas, Mulva pays no mind. After getting started on the trick-or-treating, a small horde of zombies approaches and starts to attack the gang, which pisses Mulva off to no end; nobody is going to ruin her first Halloween. She decides to kick some zombie ass, and is joined by a number of helpers along the way; there's Mr. Bonejack, McLargehug as Carrot Top (one of the guys who traumatized Mulva), Takateru as a character from Dragon Ball Z (the other traumatizer), Teen Ape and finally, Gag Reflex.

This movie was put together by a group known as The LBP (Low Budget Pictures), and the name sure didn't lie. This is quite the low-budget film, with acting and effects that would almost rival a Troma film in quality. However, that didn't bring the enjoyment factor down any, as this movie had tons of hilarious scenes spread throughout. Don't be misled by the inclusion of zombies in the film, this is not a horror movie by any means, it's pure comedy from start to finish. There's loads of enjoyable scenes throughout the film, including a Thriller reenactment and a dance scene with Lloyd Kaufman and a good portion of the Troma crew.

Missy Donatuti plays Mulva, and is great in the role. She has this insanely annoying screeching / slurring voice, which starts out tedious, but winds up being quite humorous after you get used to it. Just for the record, she's not the same lady that's pictured on the cover; I'm not sure who that is, as she never appears in the movie. Callie The Hut plays Cassie and Mike Nicolai plays McLargehug, both of which were horrid in their roles. Not that the rest of the cast was stellar in quality or anything, but they were below even them. Joe Anime plays Takateru, in the second-best role of the film. The bad voice-over techniques so common to old Japanese films was used on him, which was moderately funny by itself... but the lines he was given just turned out to be comedy gold. The show-stealer of the film, however, was the director himself. Chris Seaver (a white guy) plays Mr. Bonejack, a black guy that looks like Don King and goes back and forth between talking ghetto slang and '70's funk slang. There was not a single scene that he appeared in which wasn't stolen by him with his classic lines and mannerisms. Greatness from him all around.

Overall, worth the check-out if you enjoy black comedies in the vein of Cannibal! The Musical, and aren't put off by low budget films. Yes, the acting and effects weren't exactly Hollywood quality, but that didn't make the film any less enjoyable. 7/10 from myself.
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